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This is a tutorial page.Versions available: PyPRP; 3ds Max.

What is the 3ds Max Plugin?

The 3ds Max Plugin (PlasmaMAX) is what Cyan originally used to create all the ages found in Uru. It was released in its built form by Cyan on the 13th April, 2010. On the 6th April 2011, Cyan released the source code for the plugin. As it stands, it will only work in two versions of 3ds Max - versions 7 and 8. Trial versions of both of these Max versions can be found on the internet. The 3ds Max plugin offers the user a reasonably user-friendly interface with which to develop maps for the Cyan Worlds Engine, without as many scripting requirements as PyPRP. However, as it requires out of date versions of Max, its usability by the general modding community is limited.

Get the 3ds Max Plugin

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For now, only the version that Cyan provided in April 2010 is available. You may download it from Cyan's Cho server.

Where can I find help with 3ds Max?

3ds Max is one of the most used programs for modelling; therefore, there are lots of free tutorials. Google is your friend, and there are several excellent developer communities out there that use Max heavily, including and CG Society.

Where can I find help with PlasmaMAX?

There are several resources available to help you with the 3ds Max Plugin. If you still require assistance, please ask on the 3ds Max forum.

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