17 Book Cover Textures

Book Cover Textures

Linking Books and journals, the two things that are rife within D’ni and its Ages, with each Age often requiring its own different covers. Fortunately, Lost and Taken have a nice selection of 17 old book cover textures for downloading.

So head over, check it out and download their 17 Book Cover Textures

10 Texture Sites

Lost And Taken

Todays offering is another texture resource, this time pillaged straight from my bookmarks list. The following 10 websites and blogs offer a selection of various textures for use in your building or for using as a base to create new textures.
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200 Wood Textures

200 Wood Texture

Textures, always handy to have on standby for texturing Ages and models or for using as a base to create new textures, building up a library of them always pays off in the end.

Fortunately BlueBlots recently posted a great article featuring a collection of 200 wood/bark texture resources, which can help you out.
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Development: Tochoortahv/Cass Part 1

Cass Wall Texture

It’s difficult to write about the development of the Age after completion, the timeline often gets a little messy.

Tochoortahv or Cass as it is known has now been released to the public, the first Age I’ve released yet not the first I’ve created.

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