Contest: D’ni Location Creation Contest

DLC Contest

The D’ni Location Creation Contest is now in full swing over at the Guild of Writers forums.

Kaelis invites Age builders to create a D’ni location, showcasing, building, texturing, playability and story aspects.

Contest Details

End Date: End of August.
Theme: Locations from the D’ni Caverns.
Explorable Size: Hood sized.

Regarding Cyan Content:

  1. You may use Cyan’s artwork (and textures) when it falls to staples of D’ni and when the textures are part of a staple of D’ni.
  2. You may use Cyan’s models only when those models are a staple of D’ni. Basically if the model has been used in one or more locations In D’ni it becomes a staple of D’ni life. It’s like a lamp post on a street corner. Most of them will look the same regardless of what city you go to.

Prizes: Bragging rights.

If you’re interested then we recommend checking out the DLC topic over at the Guild of Writers Forums.

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