D'ni Location Creation

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D'ni Location (Creation) Contest (DLC) is a competition in which various Writers try to produce good/inspired/canon-friendly/immersive locations in D'ni.

Winners will be displayed in the Hall of Fame.


  1. You may use Cyan's artwork (textures) when it falls to staples of D'ni and when the textures are part of a staple of D'ni.
  2. You may use Cyan's models ONLY when those models are a staple of D'ni. Basically if the model has been used in one or more locations In D'ni it becomes a staple of D'ni life. It's like a lamp post on a street corner. Most of them will look the same regardless of what city you go to.
  3. The location must be Neighborhood sized or smaller.
  4. The locations must be in the Age of D'ni (Earth) and MUST be D'ni-related.

Signing Up

There are currently no DLCs being planned. Signing up is disabled.

Hall of Fame

The following are the winning Ages for the DAWN held in 2010, digitally immortalized in the DAWN Hall of Fame, along with other submitted Ages.

DLC August 2010

Winner: Vothol Gallery (Rustee).

Vothol Gallery, the winning Age.



  • kaelisebonrai
  • Paradox
  • Tahgtahv
  • Tweek
  • Whilyam