Gallery of Unreleased Fan Created Ages

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This page is meant as a gallery where you can post screenshots of your unreleased Ages. For already-available Ages, see the related page.


  • Keep screenshots at a maximum resolution of 800x600
  • Make a new second level header for each of your Ages
  • Don't forget to mention your name
  • Only post screenshots of other people's Ages with their permission


By: Matthornb

Category: Work in progress.



By: Jonnee


Eder Fahsee

By: Tweek

Category: Work in progress.

Notes: a familiarly unfamiliar garden Age that celebrates Myst and the impact it had on all of us.

Eder Fahsee.jpeg

Eder Vikae

By: Matthornb

Category: Work in progress.

File:Eder Vikae.jpeg

Ellis Fen

See: Ellis Fen

By: Kierra

plant life view

Greenwood Cottage

See: Greenwood Cottage

By: Kierra

Mysterious arch

Kotsahvosahn (the Waystation)

By: Doobes

Category: Cavern location. Work in progress.

Notes: a port used by the D'ni Guild of Messengers right up until the Fall. It will be the beginning of Lothias' journey.



See: Latahara

By: Kierra

sunset view

The Library

By: Doobes

Category: Nexus Age. Work in progress.

Notes: This Library will accomodate Books that link to the Cavern and Fan Ages, starting with Tre'bivdil, Fehnir's House, Vothol Gallery, the New GoMe Pub and possibly Veelay Tsahvahn. It is meant as an alternative to the Fan Nexus for those who prefer physical Books.



By: Matthornb

Category: Work in progress.



By: Matthornb

Category: Nexus Age. Work in progress.



By: Tweek

Category: Work in progress.


Temple of Illumination

See: Temple of Illumination

By: GPNMilano

Category: Cavern location.

Temple's Entrance Room

Teralee Falls

See: Teralee Falls

By: Kierra

Home of Baron Madrigal Kestler

Tsaew (The Smallest Age Ever Written)

By: Aloys


The Vale

By: Doobes

Category: Work in progress.

Notes: a mysterious garden Age that has distinctly D'ni architecture, but a bit of a mysterious origin; it is known that a D'ni Writer did not Write it, which was quite unusual at the time it was Written.

The Vale.jpeg

Veelay Tsahvahn

By: Doobes

Category: Memorial Age. Work in progress.

Notes: a remembrance for explorers who have passed away, and a place to gather, mourn and celebrate those we have lost over the years.

Sheten Reovtee.jpg


By: Arno

Modelisation temple


See: Yinfara

By: Justin

Link in hut & pathway