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What is the Guild of Writers?

The Guild of Writers is a community of artists and programmers working to create or learn to use existing assets and tools for the open-source Engine. It is a collaborative community, working toward the common goal of building new and exciting Ages. The Guild was formed on the basis of collaboration. We take great pride in our accomplishments and strive each day to create great things and outdo ourselves.

The Guild as it stands today has evolved from a previous modding and Age creation groups. It is as diverse as the Uru community, and that diversity is one of its strengths.


Creating Ages

The primary focus of the Guild is on the creation of Ages for games which are based on the Engine. At present, there are two paths:

If you aren't a 3D artist, there are opportunities for writing, sound design, and texture creation. You should join the forums and find a group to collaborate with.

Exploring Ages

The Guild also offers the tools and support required for you to visit the Ages. You don't have to be a programmer to enjoy the beautiful creations! Again, there are two paths:

If you need help with the setup, join the forums and ask for support - but please remember to give a detailed description of what you did, what happened and what you expected to happen instead.

Software Development

Supporting the artists is a dedicated team of software developers. Developers are free to work on whatever guild-related projects they like. Currently, the Councilor of Technical Direction suggests that new developers Contribute to the Guild of Writers fork of the Engine. Also, a list of KI features being disscussed for future development can be found here.