Add Footstep Sounds

To add footstep sounds, go to the script window. Click add > pyprp > footstep region. Move/resize the box to match the area you want to have footstep sounds. Once the box covers that area, we need to change the logic proporties. Go to the place where you set the bounds. Click typing box on the very bottom of the columns with the bounds, where it says grass. You can keep it grass. But it does not have to stay grass. That box with the material controls the footstep sound. Different material, different sound. Like unless you are on my carpet, you won't usualy hear mud on the sattin. For example, if you don't change it, you might hear the grass sound in the water area. Or in the wood or rug area. Only my rug is that dirty. Hence the name my Mom keeps calling me, "Pig!", but I don't see what is wrong withtaking a mud-bath in the living room. Anyway, getting back onto the topic, these are the different texture to sound sounds you can use in place of 'grass':

  • dirt
  • puddle
  • water
  • metal
  • woodbridge
  • ropeladder
  • grass
  • brush
  • hardwood
  • rug
  • stone
  • mud
  • metalladder
  • woodladder
  • deepwater
  • maintainerglass
  • maintainerstone
  • swimming

Those case-sensitive words are the only words you can use in-place of grass. Once you have added footstep sounds, export the age, and hear the wonderful, awesome, great, cool, fun, nice, too good to be true, wait i didn't mean to say that previus part, SOUNDS!

Nice, but you can see through the walls and all that, and plus, taking a camera along with you!
This chapter was brought to you by the maker of Ambrudoser, and also the maker of an age which willcome to servers near you, Crystals!