Creating an auto Ladder

NOTE: This is a separate method for creating a ladder. It does not require two regions or any alcscript.

As an alternative to manually setting up the ladder regions, you can also use the "climbable" region, which you place around your ladder with it's approximate size and shape, and PyPRP will create the top and bottom regions for you during the export.

First, run Scripts > Add > PyPRP > Add a (Generic) Logic Region

Change the logic properties to:

string type region
string regiontype climbable

Then, rotate the region so that it's Local Y axis is pointing away from the climbable surface of the ladder. (as shown in the picture below) then, in edit mode, scale it to encompass your ladder. The Y surface should be flat with the climbable surface of the ladder. The bottom of the region should be exactly at floor level, and the top of the region should be an exact even number of blender units above the bottom. (32, in this case) The top of the first rung of the ladder should be 0.42 units above ground level, as stated in the previous section.