Footstep Sounds

Footstep sounds are accomplished by creating a region using Add > PyPRP > Add a Footstep Sound Region.

They can be greater controlled with AlcScript, as described in Footstep Regions with AlcScript.

List of Footstep Sounds

The following sounds are available for you to use in the "surface" property.

  • dirt
  • water
  • metal
  • woodbridge
  • ropeladder
  • grass
  • hardwood
  • rug
  • stone
  • metalladder
  • woodladder
  • deepwater
  • swimming

Footstep sounds are global resources and not all them exist in the files. Specifically, DON'T use:

  • puddle
  • brush
  • mud
  • maintainerglass
  • maintainerstone

This issue is especially critical for TPOTS users. Coming across one of these in any age will almost certainly crash the game.