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The Guild of Writers Wiki welcomes all contributions that expand our knowledge of the Plasma Engine and tools involved in the the content creation process. The wiki is a collaborative effort, requiring everyone to put their best foot forward and contribute the very best content they can for others to learn from. Please remember to wiki unto others as you would have them wiki unto you.


Keep these general rules of style in mind when creating or editing an article. For more detail, please refer to the Wikipedia Manual of Style.

  • Avoid submitting duplicate pages and content. Use the search feature.
  • Avoid excessive HTML. Try to use wiki formatting where possible.
  • Begin headings at h2 level, not at h1 level (reserved for the header).
  • Avoid excessive whitespace, especially when using images in an article. Utilize thumbnails.
  • Do not post factually incorrect information.
  • Format your articles into logical sections to make them easier for the reader to follow.
  • Keep your writing informative. Try not to be too casual or overly formal.
  • Limit expository content to the first section of the page.
  • Page names should be short and to the point.
    • Page names should be labels, not sentences.
    • Page names should never include punctuation unless they are in a pseudo-category.
  • Utilize proper American English grammar, spelling, and punctuation.