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This is a tutorial page.Versions available: PyPRP; 3ds Max; Korman.

Okay, this one is very much like how it's done in Blender. I ran into some problems, mainly because I was trying to make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Also, there is something called "Avatar Climber" which is for things that are 4 feet and less high, and got me confused at first.

However, here is a screen shot of the finished product in Max. Those of you who are used to Blender, will nod your head as it will look familiar.


As you can see, we have a ladder, and 2 regions, one at the bottom and one at the top.

First, go out and make your ladder. I made mine in Blender (as it was easier and faster for me right now) and imported into Max.....and then it wants to disappear when I give it Physics properties.....I guess something went wrong during export or import, so I have a collider here that I actually use as my climbable.


In either case, make sure you put your ladder (and/or your collider too if you have it) in your PageInfo, and the Physics Terrain attached to it too:


Now you need to create a box at the bottom of the ladder which will be the bottom detector for the Avatar. When the avatar enters this box, it will have the Avatar mount the ladder and give you the choice to climb or dismount.


The positioning of this box is as important as the dimensions of your ladder. Where the center of the box is away from the ladder will determine how close your avatar is to the ladder while climbing. Too far away, and the avatar will be climbing in the air. Too close and the avatar will be IN the ladder. I have mine about 1.7 max units away, and it's very close and in the ball park, but you may want to adjust this positioning yourself.

I also have the "Y" axis facing away from the ladder.

Once you have the box positioned where you want it, don't forget to add it to your PageInfo. Also, while in the Component Manager, click on New > Navigables > (ex)Ladder Component


Then go over to the Utils tab (the little hammer) and click on the Component Util button and select your Ladder Component:


Under the drop down box called "Type" you'll have the choice of 2 feet, 4 feet, and Big. Since my ladder is 12 feet high, I picked big.

Now it's time to do some math: count the number of rungs on your ladder (I HOPE you made it an even number). Then subtract "6" from that number, and then divide it by 2.

So: 12 - 6 = 6, and 6 / 2 = 3

So I have "3" Loops. Put your answer in the Loops Box.

For direction, pick "Up" since this is our bottom box, we climb Up from here.

Next, the "Trigger" button will say "None". Click on it, and then click on your box at the bottom of the ladder. This tells the box that it's the trigger for the Avatar.

Last, click on the Ladder Bounds button that says "None", and then click on either your ladder, or ladder collider. This is what the avatar will be climbing.

Okay, now you're going to do the exact same thing for the top box........only make sure you have it about 0.1 units above your platform that the avatar climbs up on.


And then in the Utils Tab, you need to make your marks:


Only since it's the top box, for direction, we want the direction to be "Down". Loops should be the same, as is the size of the ladder.

For Trigger, click on the button, only this time click on your TOP box. For Ladder Bounds, you'll once again click on either your ladder or your ladder collider.

And that's it basically! Export and give it a try! Remember, you can make adjustments to the size and placement of your ladder, and trigger boxes if things don't line up quite right: