Offline KI:Changelog

This page contains the changelog of the Offline KI. For more information and instructions, go back to the Offline KI main page.

Offline KI 3.9.0

  • Add Python scripts by Sirius to create journals, linking books and Bahro stones
  • Fix issues in the garden ages
  • Fix Gahreesen Wall issues (thanks to Sirius)
  • Fix issue of panic-linking in the fissure if the internet connection is slow
  • Fix hiding objects when enabling a fan-made Relto page
  • Fix texture on the city linking books (thanks to Chloe!)

Offline KI 3.8.0

  • Fan-age information is now managed in one age descriptor per file, which makes it much easier for age authors to configure their age
  • The list of restoration ages in Nexus can now be sorted by last update
  • The bookshelf can be automatically populated with the most recently updated ages
  • Fixed Eder Delin and Eder Tsogahl
  • Fixed accidentally leaving the set-up panel of the Gahreesen Wall when clicking the background of the panel (thanks to Sirius)
  • Fixed Cleft imager enabling the Relto book

Offline KI 3.7.1

  • Fixed compatibility problems with the UAM KI plugin

Offline KI 3.7.0

  • The wall in Gahreesen now works! (all the credits go to Sirius)
  • Add support for UAM-style custom Relto pages (so you do not need the UAM KI plugin for this)
  • Offline KI no longer depends on the "patch TPOTS" functionality of Drizzle, it contains all data it needs itself
  • /jump now always jumps "upwards", seen from the avatar (thanks to tachzusamm for the idea)
  • The links I had to fix now use the proper book-touch animation (thanks to D'Lanor)
  • Automatically hide and show the menorah and the Christmas tree on Shards (thanks to D'Lanor)
  • Fix a bug that made the growing tree in Relto disappear
  • Fixed Relto imager (thanks to Sirius for the prp fix)
  • Fixed Kadish pillars in case the MOUL aditions did not get converted (good catch, Sirius)
  • Fix /a to work properly when the avatar is in a subworld
  • Fix the delay of the autolink on game startup

Offline KI 3.6.1

  • Fixed /reltostars and /noreltostars commands
  • Fixed linking from Nexus to Seret or the Guild Neighborhood
  • Fixed "/link Direbo"
  • Fixed the link from Kveer to the "POTS Finale City" and back

Offline KI 3.6.0

  • The source code of the Offline KI is now available for download
  • Added commands for camera tours (based on old AdminKI code): /tour, /tourstop, /printcam
  • Added /getsparklies command to collect all the sparklies at once (for the lazy ones...)
  • Added /rotsphere command to rotate the spheres in the MOUL version of Ahnonay without animation glitches (thanks to Sirius). This also works for non-admins, unlike the old /set sphere command!
  • Added global Python scripts for fan-ages by D'Lanor: xDynamicPanel, xMoviePlayer, xAgeSDLBoolTagRespond, xRandomResp
  • Auto-detect how Python File Mod initialization has to be done in some global scripts (so that it works for both dynamically an statically loaded pages)
  • Auto-detect missing POTS patches and tell the user how to apply them if necessary
  • remove useless, broken and obsolete <hiddentext> "feature" (thanks to Sirius)
  • Fix for Kadish sparkly: it now moves with the pillar correctly (thanks to D'Lanor)

Offline KI 3.5.0

  • /flymode now works on multiple objects at once, including other players ("/flymode all" will take every player in the current age except for you into flymode, "/flymode all me" includes you)
  • Added some advanced flymode commands: /warp can warp the controlled object(s) to a specific location, a predefined warp point or another object, /scale scales them on all three or just one axis, /rot rotates them around a given axis
  • Object struct commands (inspired by and based on old UserKI and AdminKI code): /reltostars, /struct, /printstruct
  • Camera commands (dito about the code origin): /observe, /entercam, /leavecam
  • Added some administrative linking commands: /link can now also link other players, /linkto links you to someone else, /linkhere links someone to you
  • The music player now saves the last played song and starts it again when you link back in
  • Age descriptions are now specified in the age links file and could be used in other places (besides Relto) - this makes it much easier for me to add descriptions for not permanently displayed ages
  • French people can not enter the !, so allow server-side commands to start with /%
  • Added Python scripts by D'Lanor to be used by fan-ages: xSimplePanel, xMultiDialogToggle
  • Hide the arrow for choosing marker game type
  • Some fixes for fan-ages to be able to use the global scripts for pages loaded deferred (thanks to D'Lanor!)
  • Cleaned up the way the Shelf works internally, including a file format change (the old format is still read, but not all of its options are supported anymore)

Offline KI 3.4.0

  • You can now download updates for the fan-age data in a dedicated UAM package - the /updateshelf command has therefore been removed
  • Added a bunch of admin-only commands to manipulate objects in the age you are in: /xyz, /x, /y, /z, /hide, /show, /ghost, /unghost, /normalize, /repos, /location
  • Reduced "This player is afk/can not see the KI" spam: The KI remembers whom it sent the notification and waits two minutes before sending it to the same person again (except for private chat)
  • Add support for the server-side /!resetage command that can be used to reset the state of a fan-age
  • Brought the hood Bahro back
  • The KI can now fetch the Alcugs Shard Identifier to know ages are (un)available
  • "/link KirelMOUL" and "/link city" work again
  • Fix chat breakage when linking out of a private chat area (thanks to D'Lanor!)
  • Fixed book covers of wall jorunals in Gahreesen (thanks to kaelis for noticing this)
  • Disabled non-functional GZ markers in Seret
  • Fix for the link from Kemo to the hood not to add a link to the Relto book on Alcugs Shards
  • Fixed linking from Seret to Gahreesen on Alcugs Shards

Offline KI 3.3.0a

  • Removed /updateshelf to begin with network access transition

Offline KI 3.3.0

  • Added link to Seret in the city and the Nexus (needs MOUL ages converted with Drizzle 27). Thanks a lot to Kaelis Ebonrai!
  • Added autolink feature: "/autolink <age filename>" tells the KI to automatically link you to the specified age on next startup. "/autolink disable" disables this feature.
  • Added /listsdl command to list all SDL variables available in the current age. Optionally takes a case-insensitive filter as argument (e.g. "/listsdl yeesha" will only list SDL variables with "yeesha" in their name)
  • Added /linksp command to link to a certain spawnpoint in an age (instead of LinkInPointDefault, where /link links to)
  • Added support for MQO ages (thanks to Dustin for some Python patches)
  • Nexus now shows a column header ("Name") for the categories "Public Links" and "Restoration Links": Clicking on it reverses the order in which the ages are presented
  • Added MOUL-era entries to Sharper's journal in his city office (thanks to Kaelis Ebonrai)
  • The KI now adds unknown buddies to the recent list (i.e. people that you don't have on your buddy list sending you buddy chat) - thanks a lot to D'Lanor for this patch!
  • The Guild Neighborhood is also available from Nexus
  • Don't allow people to use /hood or /nexus to get out of the Cleft before collecting a Relto book
  • Linking definitions for fan-ages and Cyan's ages are now managed in different files
  • /link can now also link to not-yet registered owned ages
  • Some updates required because Drizzle now converts the MOUL hood into a new age instead of adding parts of it to the old hood
  • Kaelis fixed an issue with the pedestal models for the hood->city and city->Jalak links, and some world model <-> GUI inconsistencies
  • Fixed the visitor logger in the Guild Neighborhood
  • Fixed Sparkly fireworks in multiplayer environments
  • Fixed MOUL Bahro caves to no longer allow to walk on other age's platforms (thanks to Dustin for help on this)
  • Fixed many Bahro stones offering sharing even though it won't work (thanks to Kaelis Ebonrai for helping testing)
  • Fix for being able to circumvent the quit-the-game-error-dialogue with the "Esc" key
  • Fixed Bahro stone linking panels (thanks to Kaelis Ebonrai for catching this)
  • Fixed /link command to no longer attempt to link to unavailable ages

Offline KI 3.2.0a

  • Just updated the Relto Shelf, Nexus and fan-age images

Offline KI 3.2.0

  • Be sure to hit the "Start" button next to the POTS folder selection in Drizzle Simplicity after installing the Offline KI. We moved a lot of prp file changes from the Offline KI (where the full file had to be distributed) to Drizzle (which can patch the file in-place). You have to do this only once though, and each time this part of Drizzle (the so-called "inplacemods") is updated.
  • Added soccer ball in the city which most likely was created by Cyan during D'mala, extracted by unknown hackers and now put into a separate file by Agenotfound
  • Enabled DRC and Cyan logos for the leather jacket and the long shirt
  • Added SDL variables for the additional hood linking books so that they can be disabled - thanks to Agenotfound!
  • Added support for the Kadish Gallery doors and the Gallery music player from Drizzle 23
  • Added support for sub-age linking (thanks to D'Lanor for some information)
  • German and French players can now also link to Eder Tsogal (requires MOUL files to be re-converted using Drizzle 23)
  • New command /m to join several commands into one ("/m /firstcommand & /secondcommand & ...") - this is especially useful in combination with the loop command (inspired by an old AdminKI)
  • Move the Jalak column states into the sav directory
  • Properly fixed the problem of linking while playing a marker mission - the game is now seamlessly continues after linking, so games with markers in many ages are no longer that annoying :)
  • Fixed some locks in Relto not really "locking" the book for visitors
  • Fixed the hood visitor loggers to no longer reset after 15 visits
  • Fixed the Gahreesen maintainer suit machine to also deliver the suit if you already have it in your closet
  • Fixed wrong linking images being shown in the Relto books

Offline KI 3.1.0

  • Offline KI now contains empty (dummy) sum files for all TPOTS ages to prevent errors due to changed checksums (Drizzle already creates such empty files for the converted ages)
  • The new "/help" command opens a book listing all available commands (inspired by an old AdminKI)
  • Added "/getfissure" command by D'Lanor, takes the fissure stage (1-4) as argument
  • Added "/anim" command to run a specified animation (can even run aniamtions from the "wrong" gender :D ) on yourself or other players. "/anim list" gives you some pre-defined animation sequences (inspired by an old AdminKI)
  • Enabled a new Bahro stone in Gahreesen - have fun finding it :) (thanks to Agenotfound for the tip)
  • Added Hex Isle linking images (thanks a lot to Perlenstern)
  • Added global chronicle helper script by D'Lanor to be used by fan ages
  • New commands: /loopstart will start running a KI command in a certain interval, /loopstop can stop it (inspired by an old AdminKI)
  • New /goto places in Minkata, Kadish and Er'cana
  • Both /goto and /set accept the "list" argument to show all values for the current age as well as "listall" to show all values for all ages
  • Admins can also use /float and /nofloat on objects and other players
  • Slight adjustments to properly align the book covers (thanks to Rainforce)
  • Fixed showing a sender for the global KI messages
  • Flymode timer only runs if flymode is enabled
  • Fixed flymode behaving strange if a key is pressed while flymode is disabled
  • Fixed registering the Nexus link in Kirel
  • Fixed the hard hats in the city - online, they no longer disappear if someone collects them

Offline KI 3.0.0

  • The Offline KI now supports being used on Alcugs Shards and brings a lot of multiplayer fixes written by various people (see /info). However, only Shard Admins can use the full feature set online.
  • When Flymode is enabled, the num-pad key "-" can be used to move the avatar up, and "+" moves it down (the first is located above the latter)
  • Added SDL options for the tickers and the Myst V books in the city (thanks a lot to Agenotfound!). There are also new /set options for these: "/set tickers 0|1" and "/set mystvbooks 0|1".
  • "/set guildhall 0|1" now also enables/disables the guild hall accident (thanks to Agenotfound and Dustin)
  • Added /set option for the ticker in the hood - Agenotfound fixed the issue of it not being properly disabled
  • New developer commands: /getchron to read a chronicle value, /getversion to check the KI version of another player, /about to get some information about an object and /name to change your avatar name
  • Replaced "/getlibrarybooks" by "/set librarybooks 0|1", the option is now permanently saved in SDL vars (so that the books are still there when you come back). In addition, the textures of Ahnonay and Er'cana linking book are fixed in the city and the Er'cana linking book works (thanks to Agenotfound).
  • Added KI command /kiusage to show you how many pictures, notes and so on you already used up
  • The new command /checkaccess shows your current access level
  • /toggleoffline can hide the fact that you are online for other players
  • The /ping command can be used to check whether you or someone else is still online
  • Thanks to Dustin, Relto's custom book covers load much faster now and take less memory, as do the custom linking images in Nexus
  • The heek table no longer looks broken - thanks to Dustin and Agenotfound (it still can not be used though). Use "/set heek" to control it: 0 = no heek table; 1 = heek table looks correct, but is disabled; 2 = heek table looks correct and is enabled; 3 = heek table looks broken
  • Added a patch by Dustin which fixes multiplayer issues in Ahnonay Sphere 1
  • "/link" is now case-insensitive
  • "/updateshelf silence" is now permanent, you have to type "/updateshelf remind" to enable the reminder again
  • "/hideki" now also hides the cursor (until you move it again...)
  • Re-organized pak file structure
  • Fixed crash when entering the wall area in Gahreesen (this does NOT make the wall itself functional!)
  • Fixed multiplayer issue in Phil's Relto (thanks to D'Lanor)
  • Fixed multiplayer issue with the "patience puzzle" in Watcher's Sanctuary
  • Another attempt to fix the city barrier

Offline KI 2.9.1

  • Fixed wrong panic-link behaviour when one is still in the Cleft
  • Fixed linking to Sphere 4
  • Fixed disappearing objects in various ages
  • Fixed (again...) the Bahro door in the Cleft
  • Fixed invisible blocker and non-working museum door in the city
  • Fixed /export and /import commands

Offline KI 2.9.0

  • The thunderstorm page and the bahro pole page are now available and working (with the prp work done by Dustin), completing the collection of Yeesha pages - 24 altogether! (requires re-converting the MOUL files with Drizzle 21)
  • The sparklies are now available, too (thanks to Dustin) and will automatically be switched on/off for the correct month (requires re-converting the MOUL files with Drizzle 21)
  • Added support for Race's Negilahn additions (requires downloading the latest versions of the MystV/CT Improvements)
  • Added commands "/removeki" and "/removereltobook" (the names should be self-explanatory ;-)
  • Added commands “/setpsnlsdl” and “/getpsnlsdl” to read and write the variables saved in your personal SDL (which is not in sync with the Relto SDL, but it uses the same structure)
  • When clicking on a piece of clothing to collect it, Uru now asks you whether you want to wear it or not (thanks to Hoikas for this patch!)
  • If you use the KI command to get a maintainer suit or to change the skin, hair or eye colour, that will be saved permanently now (it used to be reset on next startup)
  • You can now pass "help" to any command taking arguments and it will print the usage note
  • It is no longer necessary to write "/import yes <filename>" (it is just "/import <filename>" now), instead the KI does not allow you to store more than a certain amount of images to prevent vault corruption
  • Fixed issue of the Relto book already being attached to the avatar when first linking to the Cleft
  • Fixed issue of being unable to use the Relto book in the Cleft

Offline KI 2.8.1

  • Support for some new files that will be converted by Drizzle 21
  • You can use the KI for chatting already when you arrive in the Cleft (thanks to D'Lanor for his help)
  • Added book covers by Mucol for the Garden ages and the "Big ages with a lot of hidden extras" - thank you very much!
  • Fixed "/updateshelf" command
  • Fixed problem of being able to open KI while viewing Relto Shelf
  • Fixed problem of the Myst V Descent floor not always being up
  • Fixed (read: hid) some doors and other blockers you could run through in the lower Myst V Shaft area, in Laki and in Todelmer

Offline KI 2.8.0

  • The covers of the books in Relto can now be changed - thanks to Dustin for his work!
  • Re-arranged the Relto Shelf: The center area will now contain the most recently updated ages
  • New command "/updateshelf" to get the latest set of books. The KI will automatically remind you if your last update is more than three weeks ago. You can silence this message for the next three weeks using "/updateshelf silence".
  • New command "/loadscript": Loads a textfile which cotnains a list of KI commands (one per line) which can be launched one after the other by clicking Ctrl+Pause. Perfect for running commands while doing a video!
  • Added support for Race's Payiferen addition (walkable desert)
  • Fixed problem of the MicroKI (the one you get before getting the full one in Gahreesen) not always working
  • Fixed (removed) floating tree in Relto when islands page was disabled
  • New and extended plugin interface to add your own KI commands
  • Internal re-organization to make working on the KI easier

Offline KI 2.7.4

  • Now supports the city lake meter from Drizzle 19 (thanks to Andy Legate for his tutorial)
  • New /set option for the city: "/set lakemeter 0|1"
  • New command "/nexus" to link you there (for the really lazy :D )
  • Disabled Kadish Gallery Blockers - thanks to Darien for the hint
  • Removed changed Cleft SDL file which I accidentally put into the KI (to get the default Cleft state back, copy the SDL file from a clean TPOTS installation and remove the Cleft's sav file)

Offline KI 2.7.3

  • Added command "/hideki disable-time" which completely disables the KI and all GUI elements for a given amount of time - useful for recording a video
  • Fix regression of not being able to collect markers
  • Fix for crashes in Gahreesen
  • Fix for /getlibrarybooks: Don't load Er'cana book as it does not work
  • Fixed Jalak GUI

Offline KI 2.7.2

  • Enabled Nexus books in Gira, Kadish, Gahreesen and Teledahn as well as wall journals in Gahreesen
  • Added /console
  • Added /textcolor to change the color of the KI text (takes the same arguments as /fogcolor et all) - thanks to Dustin for the help!
  • Added /set options: For Sharper's office /set tree 0|1; for the hood: /set boats 0|1
  • Fix for /avatar
  • Fix for /tapfoot

Offline KI 2.7.1

  • Added /set options:
    City: stage, journeys, guildhall, meeting, harborlights, menorah
    Hood: darkshape
  • Added command to get first week clothing: /getfirstweek
  • Addec command to load additional library books: /getlibrarybooks
  • Added /loadpage and /exec
  • Fix for Flymode not to work under some circumstances

Offline KI 2.7.0

  • Added Bahro shouters in the city and the hood (thanks to Dustin and D'Lanor!). When the arch Bahro are enabled, the city shouters are randomly controlled just like the flyers.
    The Bahro can now be triggered with:
    Hood: /bahro shouter
    City: /bahro library|ferry|palace|1-6 (where 1 to 6 are the bahro flyers which already existed before)
  • The Flymode can now also be enabled with /float and disabled with /nofloat
  • Fix the crashes some people had when linking out of the Neighborhood
  • Fix bug of invalid Link-In-Points to the city appearing in Nexus

Offline KI 2.6.4

  • "/set fireworks" and "/set newyear" are now merged (fireworks depends on the banner to be shown)
  • Added "/export" KI command (the code is by Zrax - thanks a lot!) which exports the currently selected KI element (marker missions, text notes and images are supported) to a file in the "export" directory which will be created in your Uru directory
  • Added "/import" KI command (based on code by Zrax) to import files from the "import" directory of your Uru installation. This replaces the /importpics KI command. The format is the same as the files "/export" creates.
  • Added "/copy" KI command which copies the chat output to the clipboard
  • While having the focus in the chat line, use "Shift+Ctrl" to insert text from clipboard
  • You now get a message when you finish a marker mission
  • Worked around problem which occurred when linking while playing a marker mission
  • The KI now doesn't allow you to link to Eder Tsogal if your client is not set to English

Offline KI 2.6.3

  • Merged extended flymode by a'moaca'. Allows to rotate around all three axes and to change the linear and rotational speed as well as the recalculation rate - this is very useful to create smooth camera pans for a video. Thanks to Marten for sending and testing it :)
  • If you convert your MOUL ages with Drizzle 17 or higher, you will be able to go to the Great Tree Pub from Nexus (in the "Public Links") and find a link book to the MOUL version of Ahnonay there
  • Added "/set bahro 0|1" for Great Tree Pub and "/set sphere 0|1" for Ahnonay (MOUL version)
  • Added "/importpics" KI command by Dustin. It imports all JPEG files from a folder called "import" in your Uru main directory into the KI.

Offline KI 2.6.2

  • Added some cheating commands: /getzandoni (thanks to Dustin!), /getgzmarker, /getjourneys, /growtree, /shrinktree and /getyeeshapages
  • Added some commands which might be useful for age developers: /getsdl, /setsdl and /link
  • The Todelmer Pod link now registers in the Pod book in Relto
  • The puzzle in Eder Delin and Eder Tsogal works now (thanks to Dustin!)
  • Added /quit command (Dustin insisted on it to be added ;-) )

Offline KI 2.6.1

  • removed the limits for pictures, journals, marker missions and markers
  • When linking with a marker mission in edit mode, you couldn't see markers in the age you come to
  • ULM books can now contain descriptive pages
  • Re-arranged bookshelf to make more books fit on it

Offline KI 2.6.0

  • better method for starting avatar emotes which also works with special avatars (thanks to D'Lanor)
  • added missing "/blowkiss" emote
  • Updated city additions by GPNMilano: Now also has linking books to Releeshan and Todelmer
  • Offline KI is now distributed via Drizzle UAM
  • loads Race's additions
  • Added more /set options in hood: webcam, newyear, thanksgiving and fireworks
  • The city Bahro are no longer part of the KI - in order to get them, you have to use Drizzle 16 or higher to convert the MOUL ages

Offline KI 2.5.3

  • Added /set command to easily change some age's options, currently has options for the city, Eder Delin and the hood
  • Added MOUL Easter Egg commands (/look etc)
  • Added support for MOUL emotes (use Drizzle 14 or higher to convert the MOUL ages, then you get these)
  • The Bahro in the city are now randomly controlled (thanks to D'Lanor for the idea)
  • Offline KI now scans the dat folder for unknown ages and automatically adds them to the Nexus list

Offline KI 2.5.2

  • Added /bahro command for calling the city Bahro flyers

Offline KI 2.5.1

  • now also contains the MOUL Relto pages and clothing by GPNMilano
  • support for animated linking panels for fan-ages (see technical documentation)
  • support for different linking panels for different spawn-points (see technical documentation)
  • You can now use ULM to define the book positions by removing the ULMServerLinkBook.inf file from your Uru directory after installing the Offline KI

Offline KI 2.5.0

  • now contains city and hood patches by GPNMilano as well as Cleft changes by Dustin

Offline KI 2.4.0

  • First release