Open Source Task List

This is a general task list for the various open-source projects currently underway at the GoW.


These are the plans for the various software aspects of Uru (client, server, etc.).


  • The H'uru fork of the Engine is currently undergoing major development. Big projects include:
    • Enabling cross-platform compatibility. This entails, among other things:
      • Replacing DirectX with OpenGL support.
      • Replacing PhysX with Bullet physics.
      • Rewriting great parts of the networking code.
    • A more detailed list is being maintained on Github


  • DIRTSAND is the server currently used by the GoW for deploying open-source Shards by the GoW (an alternative is MOSS by OpenUru).


  • It should be possible to create enough fan content to not have to include many Cyan assets. The big issue will be the global data. See below.
  • A letter has been sent to Cyan requesting a more permissive license for Cyan content. See the associated thread on OpenUru.
  • A new concept for the GUI of the Nexus interface has been proposed by Tweek.

Global Data

  • CustomAvatars wouldn't be necessary on an all-fan-asset shard (except for any of our own, of course).
  • GlobalAnimations has some things referenced in source code, much of it is only in assets (but those anims are useful for common things).
  • GlobalAvatars we're probably stuck with, unless we want to re-do all the necessary global anims in addition to creating new avatars.
  • GlobalClothing the only thing that should be required here is the default items. Everything else could likely be replaced.
  • GlobalMarkers is used for marker hunts. We could change the sounds and pictures stored here to customize markers. It's a small thing, though.

Special Ages

Startup: Tweek once designed a new Startup GUI. Perhaps it should be implemented for this?

AvatarCustomization: This is absolutely necessary, but I'm not sure whether we should just use Cyan's or write a new one.


This is the work that needs to be done on the documentation of software features.

Python Files

  • There are lots of x*.py files to implement common features. They should be doc'd with the correct parameters in a way artists can easily understand.
  • On the note of x*.py, it may be worth it to replace some of them with versions that do cleaner things (like vault SDL instead of gameserver).


  • All the tools need to be documented as new features are introduced. Work is currently underway to actualize the wiki.

Community and Sustainability

This is what needs to be done for the community and for the Guild.


  • Might be warranted/needed at some point.

Information Sharing

  • Should be much more open than Cyan. This seems to be our general nature anyway, so shouldn't be hard.