Teralee Falls

Teralee Falls

Author Kierra
Version Unknown
Availability Unavailable


Teralee Falls was the location of the Kester Estate, owned by Baron Madrigal Kestler and his wife Cecelia. When his wife went missing, the Baron was suspected of murdering her, though he continued to claim innocence until his own death. No evidence was ever found so the Baron lived the rest of his life in seclusion on his remote estate, cutting off all outside access to his home. Only recently a secret linking book leading to the Kestler Estate has been found. With the Baron and his wife long dead and gone, the mystery still remains. Did he kill her, or were his strange accounts of her disappearance true? More importantly, is that the only mystery the Kestler estate holds?

Current Stage: 2/3

Notice: Development is currently on indefinite hold.

Stage legend:

  1. Stage 1: Concept
  2. Stage 2: Building, storyline
  3. Stage 3: Technical additions (animations, sound, Books, etc)
  4. Stage 4: Age finalization
  5. Stage 5: Complete and due for final release