• Modeling: proficient enough with Blender
  • Texturing: a bit obsessive about creating shaded objects by using vertex painting rather than lighting
  • Alcscript: more a "monkey see, monkey do" scripter ... but usually able to adapt other people's scripts to do what I need
  • Python: again, more a "monkey see, monkey do" scripter ... but usually end up screaming for help from "real" coders

Current (publicly announced) Projects

  • Paah'kwehNew: Unfinished (well, abandoned actually) ... but it is available via ULM for download.

  • Sonavio: About 80% completed ... available for download at the GomA (see page)

Fan Created Art Licence (FCAL) Status

I am in possession of a FCAL, issued by Cyan.

Team Availability

Not really available to join teams at this time due to RL, and working on completing Sonavio for upload to the ULM, though I am always willing to help out with a problem you may have (if I can!!)