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===Public Release with known bugs===
===Public Release with known bugs===
* [http://guildofwriters.com/pyprp/gow-pyprp-1.1.0.zip GoW PyPRP 1.1.0] - Bug plaguing textures, use PyPRP 1.1.1.
* [http://guildofwriters.org/pyprp/gow-pyprp-1.1.0.zip GoW PyPRP 1.1.0] - Bug plaguing textures, use PyPRP 1.1.1.

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Download PyPRP


Old Versions

We recommend using the latest version because some of the older ones are plagued with bugs. Only continue here if you are absolutely sure that you want to use an outdated version!

Version 1.6.0 and newer

Consult the PyPRP:Installing page for installation instructions of these versions, but use the download link from above instead of the one for the latest version.

Version 1.5.0 and below

Unzip the file and move everything inside the 'src' folder to your ".../.blender/scripts" folder.

NOTE: Do NOT put the actual 'src' FOLDER inside your "/scripts" folder, only the files from inside the 'src' folder.

Unstable Versions

Note: These versions of PyPRP are not considered "stable" and may have major bugs. If you are not an advanced user, then you would be better served to use a stable version.


We use git to collaborate and share code easily. You can find our repository at [1], and only the absolute bleeding-edge versions of the plugin will be found here. These are by NO MEANS guaranteed to be stable.

Public Release with known bugs