Ahra Pahts:Pages

This article contains information on the pages for the community Age of Ahra Pahts.

List Of Pages

This is a list of all the Pages which make up Ahra Pahts.

Page Number Description Blender file PRP file (Pahts_District_*) Comments
0 Misc city stuff (Sky/Sun/District Walls) City city (Should Walls be moved to separate pages?)
1 Hub hub hub
2 Hub Lod n/a n/a Currently unused, reserved for future use
3 Prin Pahts ###
4 Hub maps n/a n/a Currently unused, reserved for future use
10 Static Prin Pahts loading page ### ###
100 White District streets DstWhite
101-130 White Shells
155 Small White Courtyards CrtSmlWhite
200 Red District streets DstRed
201-240 Red Shells
250 Large Red Courtyard CrtLrgRed
255 Small Red courtyards CrtSmlRed
300 Green District streets DstGreen
301-340 Green Shells
350 Large Green Courtyard CrtLrgGreen
355 Small Green couryards CrtSmlGreen
400 Blue District streets DstBlue
401-440 Blue Shells
450 Large Blue Courtyards CrtLrgBlue
455 Small Blue Courtyards CrtSmlBlue

Static Pages

In order for certain objects to behave correctly in Ahra Pahts (such as wavesets), you may need to move them from a dynamically paged shell to a "static" shell - i.e. one that is loaded when entering the Age and stays loaded. If you find yourself needing such a Page, here are the steps to making one:

  1. Load your Shell .blend file into Blender.
  2. Change one of your panes to a text editor, then bring up the Book text object.
  3. Add an entry for your new static Shell under "Pages". The name of the static Shell Page should be your Shell Page name plus the word "static". For example, adding a static Page 15 for Shell 336 looks like the following:
    - index: 166
      name: Shell336
    - index: 15
      name: Shell336Static
  1. For each item that you need to move to the static Page, change the "page_num" property to use the static Page number.
  2. When you've finished renumbering those objects, save your Blender file. Then export your shell as usual, choosing the "All as full Age, per-page textures (.age)" option.
  3. Inside the folder you exported, you should find two PRP files: your regular shell PRP (e.g. Pahts_District_Shell336.prp) and your static shell PRP (e.g. Pahts_District_Shell336Static.prp).
  4. Exit Blender, then copy both these PRP files into the dat folder of your URU installation.
  5. Edit the Pahts.age file using a tool such as PlasmaShop.
  6. Add a "Page=" entry to the end of the Pahts.age file for your static Shell. For example, the line below is an entry for static page 15 (Shell336Static):
  1. Save the age file, then exit PlasmaShop.

The next time you visit Ahra Pahts, you should see the objects you moved to your static Shell.

Note: Please put only those objects onto that page that really need it: There is a reason Shells are usually not all loaded on link-in. Both linking time and RAM usage would skyrocket if the whole Age was loaded.