Category Server
Licence AGPLv3

The D'ni in Real Time Server and Network Daemon (DIRTSAND) is a server software created by Zrax and developed by H'uru to run open-source MO:UL Shards. It is built for integration with the H'uru fork of the CyanWorlds.com Engine.

The source code for DIRTSAND is available on Github: H-uru/dirtsand. For more information about its development, read the development article.


DIRTSAND as it stands today possesses the following features:

  • Compatibility with CWE-ou (partial), H'uru CWE and PlasmaClient (partial) clients.
  • Fully-functional auth server, file server (optional) and gatekeeper.
  • Interactive operating terminal.
  • Support for Linux and potentially other *nix systems.
  • Facilitated setup process.
  • Absence of game manager (feature, not bug): this means that Ayoheek and GZ Markers will not function unless using the H-uru/Plasma client.

Setting Up

DIRTSAND has been designed to be easily-deployable on Linux systems. It might work on other *nix OSes, but it hasn't been tested. The getting started guide will help you set up your Shard using DIRTSAND.

DIRTSAND consists of an interactive terminal run on a terminal session. It is recommended that you use screen or some other such program to be able to run DIRTSAND in the background. It accepts the following commands for operation:

  • addacct <account> <password>: adds a new user account into the database.
  • addallplayers <user id>: adds a reference to the All Players vault folder to the specified user. This allows the user to send global chat messages and see everyone who is online from the KI.
  • clients: lists all connected clients.
  • commdebug <on|off>: available only for debug builds; used to debug.
  • globalsdl <age> <variable> <value>: sets a global default value for the specified SDL variable. Used to control Ae'gura blockers, Neighborhood decorations, and seasonal items.
  • help: displays information about the available commands.
  • keygen new: generates new keys for your dirtsand.ini and server.ini files.
  • keygen show: shows the server.ini keys.
  • modacct <account> <admin|banned|beta>: Toggles flags on a given user account.
  • quit: shuts down DIRTSAND.
  • restart <auth|lobby|status> [...]: restart the specified server process.
  • restrict: Restricts login attempts to players who are beta testers.
  • welcome <message>: changes the welcome message for your server.