The Guild of Writers maintains a number of software programs for use by Writers and Explorers. Development of such programs is one of two of the Guild's main branches of work (the other being Age writing). This list of projects is by no means exhaustive, and any developer is free to start a new project under the Guild of Writers umbrella as long as it relates to the goals of the guild and its members:

  1. Engine: the Engine is the open-source version of Plasma, released through OpenUru and forked by the GoW.
  2. DIRTSAND: the D'ni in Real Time Server and Network Daemon is a server software for open-source MO:UL shards. It was created by Zrax.
  3. PyPRP: the PyPRP plugin is an add-on for the Blender program used to create and publish Ages for old versions of Uru.
  4. Offline KI: the Offline KI brings new commands and various other additions to old versions of Uru.

The Guild of Writers uses Github for most of its projects; visit H'uru's repository list for more projects. Currently, efforts are mostly concentrated on the development of Plasma and of the associated moul-scripts.