Playing Fan Ages

This page describes how you can play fan-created Ages on your own PC, manually installing those you are interested in. If you want to meet other explorers in an age, you need to play the ages online.

What do I need to play Fan Ages?

What do I need to do?

After installing Uru, you need to install the Offline KI. It extends Uru to properly support fan-ages and also features many more gooedies. Click on the link for installation instructions and a more detailed feature description.

Now Uru is ready for fan-ages, but the ages themselves are still missing. While manually downloading, installing and updating them is possible, the most common way to manage your fan-ages is by using the Uru Age Manager functionality of Drizzle. It automatically downloads the ages you selected, and tells you when there are new versions available. Uninstalling ages is also easily possible.