Temple of Illumination

Temple of Illumination

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The Temple of Illumination, like all known temples in D'ni, exists along the Great Zero line. Set into one of the outer Cavern walls, it over looks the Lake as well as Ae'gura itself.

The temple was a sacred place to a secret organization that called themselves the "Writers of Illumination". Though not all Writers, these D'ni were all guildsmen from a wide array of guilds in the D'ni system. Some members even holding high ranking offices in their respective guilds. The group met in secret to practice, and to teach, principles that their respective guilds had outlawed concerning the Art. The Writers of Illumination believed that as long as the Guilds taught what they considered superstitious dogma as pious fact, progress in the Art would cease.

Thus, the Writers of Illumination settled in the Temple of Illumination, with a view overlooking the D'ni capital and the home of the Guilds that, while they were members of, they secretly worked to undermine. It is not yet known what became of the Writers of Illumination preceding, nor following, the fall of D'ni.

Current Stage: 3

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Stage legend:

  • Stage 1: Concept
  • Stage 2: Modeling and Texturing
  • Stage 3: Technical Aspects (cameras, sounds, puzzle integration)
  • Stage 4: Final Overview (Bug Squashing)
  • Stage 5: Overview by Guild of Maintainers


Temple Courtyard

The Nexus Station.
The balcony.
Disclaimer: All textures and some models in this area are the intellectual property of Cyan Worlds, and are pending final Age approval of Cyan. As such this area of the Temple may not be included in the final release of the area.

The Temple rested in a small cavernous area in the Cavern walls. The temple and its courtyard balcony overlooks the lake, with a view of the main island of Ae'gura. Access to the Temple itself was only available via the Nexus system, and via linking books only the three founders of the Writers of Illumination had access to. Security for the temple was extremely tight, and only those who proved themselves worthy of the Writers of Illumination were allowed access to the Temple and its varied secrets.

Temple Entrance

The entrance temple.
The Temple's entry chamber served as a means of protection over the rest of the temple. Upon entry into the temple, all linking books that were carried by visitors were handed in at a book holding room underneath the temple's stairs. This book room was accessible only via a linking book somewhere within the temple, its location a closely guarded secret. Visitors would then check in at the entry desk and proceed down the hall to the rest of the temple.