I am a big fan of Uru. I decided to join the Guild of Writers because I like to make my own additions to programs/games. Ever since the first time I played Myst, I have drawn layouts for ages. I am also a musician and modeler.

The Spiral Project

The Spiral Project consists of these ages:

-Eder Nahtoka (or Eder Toka): The Dusk Garden, where it is always dusk. (Stage 2)

-Eder Gahrahno (or Eder Ga'rahn or Eder Garano): The Garden of Great Water. It is often cloudy here. There are some water falls, hence the name. The area that can be explored is on the edge of a peninsula. It is possible to fall off the cliffs here, making it almost as dangerous as Eder Gira. (Stage 2)

See this thread for more info