• Concepting and writing: experience with stories and concepts for online detective games. Maybe not the best of writers, but plenty ideas
  • Modelling: using Blender and Bryce
  • Textures: Photoshop and Filterforge are my main tools. Using a Nikon D200 for my own images.
  • Coding: a No still, but do code in languages like PhP. Hope to pick up Python soon (already own a very heavy book on Python!! ;) ).


  • Pahts
    • Shell 129: community room with a roman water theme
    • Shell 327: no destination yet
  • Several others not far along enough to mention them here... yet


  • Adding footstep sounds
  • Using stencils to blend textures: Basics
  • Using stencils to blend textures: Cyan's method (not yet finished)
  • Adding swimregions

Tutorials I want to do:

  • Waterfalls

Contact me

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