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Welcome to the Guild of Writers Wiki!
The Guild of Writers is a community of artists and programmers working to create or learn to use existing assets and tools for the open-source Engine. It is a collaborative community, working toward the common goal of building new and exciting Ages. The Guild was formed on the basis of collaboration. We take great pride in our accomplishments and strive each day to create great things and outdo ourselves.

The Guild as it stands today has evolved from previous modding and Age creation groups. It is as diverse as the Uru community, and that diversity is one of its strengths.

A list of projects pertaining to Ages and Age development.
Software Development
The Guild of Writers also does some software development.
Here are a few tools the Guild Of Writers uses for Age development.
  • 3ds Max combined with the Max Plugin, a Cyan-developed tool which targets the most recent version of CWE (MO:ULa),
  • PyPRP Age Importer, a tool to help you import all Ages into Blender,
  • Bryce, a terrain generator,
  • PyPRP, a plugin for Blender which allows you to create and publish your Ages for offline versions of Uru (such as Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and Uru: Complete Chronicles).
The Guild of Writers provides a wealth of information through simple-to-follow tutorials.

External Resources

Here are a few other tutorials currently not available on this wiki which might of interest for the creation of Ages.