N. Sigismund's Journal

I'm a History and International Politics student at Aberystwyth University. I began playing Myst games with Myst III, and never really stopped, although I can't really be called a Myst fanatic. My place in the world of fan development is as a content developer and prop/environment modeller. I am the lead developer of Llantern, and have a large number of side projects lined up moving beyond that particular age. I am not formally a member of the Guild of Writers, preferring to focus on the community at large rather than from the perspective of one particular organization. In MOULa, you may see me around as "Sigismund". On most forums, I am under a variation of Nye_Sigismund, N. Sigismund or Huw_Dawson.

Llantern v. Alpha 003 Scheduled for Release on 29th April 2011

Imagine all the sounds of the seaside while you see this image. Other than seagulls. Panini-stealing gits.



I might well be the first real post here. If so Рthis is the sort of thing you can do on this dev journal page, I hope! Anyway, on to the formal announcement.

Llantern was first revealed for exploring at the end of last year, but after waning interest in D’ni I dedicated time outside of Uru and 3d modelling in general to other matters. With Open Source, however, the inspiration is back and the age’s development properly going again.

The next version of Llantern РAlpha v003 Рwill be released next Friday, the 29th of April. It features a whole raft of changes to the age, including significant changes to the modelling and texturing, additions of notably missing interactivity, and decent audio! Please keep an eye out for the release, which will be announced both here and on the Llantern thread on the Guild of Writers forum.

Simultaneously to the release, Llantern’s development doors will also open to interested developers in the community. More details will be given on the 29th, but for interested people – it will be genuinely open. You’ll be free to modify Llantern as you wish, to learn and/or pinch from it. Certain things (the trees, for example) will not be with the release for copyright reasons, but otherwise it will be complete. In terms of core development, I’m hoping that coders and other artists will step forward to help out. Llantern’s a lot bigger than just a beach, and to get it to that state of quality I’ll need help!

– Nye_Sigismund