Gehn Shard

Download InstallerThe Gehn Shard is the official Guild of Writers URU Shard. The purpose of the Gehn Shard is to offer a superior URU experience including well-designed and integrated fan ages, bug fixes, and general game improvements. The Gehn Shard launched in February of 2012 and has been steadily improving since. Thank you for considering joining our community.

What are shards?

Shards can be thought of as different instances of the URU online game. Each shard is generally run by different groups with different goals and missions. The Gehn Shard is run by the Guild of Writers–our goal is to improve URU using accepted canon and high-quality fan content.

Why should I play on the Gehn Shard?

The Gehn Shard offers bug fixes and fan content not found on the official Myst Online: Uru Live Shard. Furthermore, the Gehn Shard is run by the group responsible for the majority of fan development in URU. You can be assured that if you encounter any problems in the game, the team is capable of solving them.

We offer the following fan ages:

  • Chiso Preniv, restored by Doobes
  • Fehnir House, restored by Keith “Tweek” Lord
  • Guild of Messengers Pub, restored by Doobes
  • Tre’bivdil, written by Lontahv
  • Veelay Tsahvahn, restored by Doobes
  • Vothol Gallery, restored by Rustee

How do I Play?

In order to play on the Gehn Shard, you will first need to register for an account on the Guild of Writers forum. Your shard account and forum account are linked and will use the same username and password. Then, download and use the Gehn Shard installer to access the game!

The Gehn Shard client requires Windows Vista or newer to play.

Mac Users: We have a separate forum thread with helpful instructions.