3ds Max

3ds Max

Category 3D Modelling, Age exporting
Licence Proprietary; freeware for students and educators

3ds Max is a commercial, closed source 3D modelling utility developed by Autodesk. It is used by game development studios worldwide, including Cyan Worlds, and for Uru Age development (see Max Plugin).

Obtaining Max

Max is a high-priced commercial product produced by Autodesk.

Students: Autodesk offers free academic versions of 3ds Max and a variety of other software for students and educators.

Everyone else: 3ds Max is free to try for 30 days, after which you must purchase a license in order to continue using the program.

Max Plugin

After installing 3ds Max, you should be ready to get started with the 3ds Max plugin, an open-source plugin created by Cyan to develop Ages for MO:UL. Currently, the Max Plugin is the only full-featured way to publish Ages for MO:UL while the Blender-compatible, fan made Korman plugin is still developing. To install it on top of your Max installation, take a look at the installation instructions.

In some regards, the Max Plugin is easier to use than PyPRP (no ALCscripting). However, you will need to be familiar with Max to be able to complete all the tutorials on this wiki using Max.


This getting started tutorial should help you get on the right track. For a full list of tutorials, take a look at this list. For general assistance on Max itself, Google is your friend.