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The Offline KI brings the KI and other changes you are used to from Untìl Uru and MO:UL to Uru: Complete Chronicles. It allows you to reach fan ages and Cyan ages converted by Drizzle (from MOUL, Myst V or any of the other supported games): All of them are integrated into the existing environment. In addition, it lets you create and play marker missions and use flymode to inspect ages. It features a lot of KI commands useful while developing and debugging ages. Furthermore, it enables proper multiplayer explorations on Alcugs Shards. Read more...


Drizzle Installation

To install the Offline KI using Drizzle, you first need to install that tool, obviously. Now switch to the "UAM" tab and set the "Pots folder" to the Uru:CC installation you want the Offline KI to be installed in. Then you can hit "Get latest list". At the very top of the list of ages, click on "Offline KI" and then click "Download". Now just run "SoundDecompress.exe" in your Uru folder and start Uru - done!

If one day the green check is replaced by a yellow arrow pointing upwards, a new version of the Offline KI is available. Just like when you installed it for the first time, simply choose "Offline KI" in the list and hit "Download", Drizzle does everything automatically then.

Manual Installation

Since the Offline KI installation file is compressed with 7z, you will need the free 7-zip to extract your download. Then download the latest version of the Offline KI from the Deep Island UAM database. Simply extract the 7z-file, copy the content to your Uru installation and double-click on "SoundDecompress.exe" - done! Please note that the KI conflicts with other Uru patches like Flymode or ULM, so combine them only at your own risk.

To update the Offline KI to a newer version, do exactly the same and overwrite the files created by the first installation. It is not necessary to run "SoundDecompress.exe" again.


There is not much you need to to after the Offline KI was installed: Just start Uru, the new features are automatically enabled. All installed fan-ages will be added to the "Restoration Links" category of your Nexus (which you can quickly reach using the "/nexus" KI command), and some will also appear in the lower row of your Relto Shelf.

Further documentation


Offline KI is open-source software, so you can look under its hood or contribute yourself.


The Offline KI contains work of many people which was integrated, completed and extended by Diafero. Use the "/info" KI command to get a (hopefully complete) list of contributors.