Whilyam’s Development Update 2011.05.08

Open Source and the GoW’s efforts to finally bring fan Ages to MOUL servers has given me enough incentive to get back to work on Ages. While the poll I conducted showed that most people wanted 2-3 small to medium Ages, I have instead been working mostly on a new area in Fens (dubbed Fens II because that’s such a clever name). Fens was always intended to be an evolving Age, and this expansion will reflect that. Right now it’s early in the development process so there are really only a few basic meshes and some plans (depending on how hard/easy it is, I might include a cinematic scene!).

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  1. Rabenschwinge Says:

    Great to hear! Fens from the beginning on has been one of my favorite ages, spent a lot of time there. I´m looking forward to see more of it!

  2. nathan2055 Says:

    Sounds great! I can’t wait to explore it.

  3. C.J.Herkeless Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for your work, Whilyam, and best of luck and brilliance with you.

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