Development: Fehnir House

Fehnir House

In one of my odd moods, I decided to post a development article of a location that hasn’t yet been released.

Fehnir House was a small D’ni location that I designed and built for the D’ni Location (Creation) Contest that was being hosted over at the Guild of Writers forums.
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Contest: D’ni Location Creation Contest

DLC Contest

The D’ni Location Creation Contest is now in full swing over at the Guild of Writers forums.

Kaelis invites Age builders to create a D’ni location, showcasing, building, texturing, playability and story aspects.
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Inspiration: 10 Concept Artists Worth Seeing

Concept Art

If I was to post the list of the various artists I follow we’d probably be here for the next week, however I grabbed a small handful of links to offer you. I’m sure many of us hit those points where we just can’t seem to find the inspiration we need to progress with our projects. Looking over the work of others often leads to that inspiration or teaches new things to try out.
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Article: So You Want to Write Ages


More and more people are turning to The Art. But the question arises, just how are they doing it?

The path towards explorer written Ages has been years in the making, thanks to the great tools and work done by those at Cobbs/H’uru/GoW. And during MOUL the story turned toward the future inclusion of explorer Ages, with Dr. Watson of the DRC stating that.
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Article: Canon is God, but I’m an Atheist.

Baron's Office

I shall open this post with a couple of quotes, from a post on the MOUL forums that lead to the crafting of this article.

Put canon on hold? Then it’s not Uru. It’s not Myst. Period. Uru IS canon. Myst IS canon. What you have if you remove those is not open source Myst Online. It is an open source of the engine that was used to construct Myst Online. If that’s what you want, more power to you. I could actually have a lot of fun with that, designing my own worlds, plots, and story-lines. But it’s not Uru, and don’t pretend it is.

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Development: Fahets Part 1

Fahets Development

September 2008 was when I finally dived into Age building. I downloaded all the bits and bobs and started getting to grips with Blender.

I can be a surprisingly quick learner at times, and it didn’t take me long to get the hang of building, and the first thing I even tempted to build was what became Fahets.
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Article: Breaking the Mold

Breaking the Mold

The shift in dynamic for content creation has shifted from Cyan to the player base, with this we start seeing differences in the Ages release that we are not used too. People have a tendency to imprint their personalities upon their Ages, whether they mean to or not.

But with it comes a concept that I have noticed many people in the player base have a troubled time comprehending. It was started by Cyan, back in 2007 when they released an Age called Jalak Dador. The premise to the Age was simple, it was a sandbox where people could build their own games and play games other people had created.
Yet with this simple concept came a struggle by some, here is an Age which has no deep meaning, no great puzzle or “journey” behind it, it is what it simply is.
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17 Book Cover Textures

Book Cover Textures

Linking Books and journals, the two things that are rife within D’ni and its Ages, with each Age often requiring its own different covers. Fortunately, Lost and Taken have a nice selection of 17 old book cover textures for downloading.

So head over, check it out and download their 17 Book Cover Textures

10 Texture Sites

Lost And Taken

Todays offering is another texture resource, this time pillaged straight from my bookmarks list. The following 10 websites and blogs offer a selection of various textures for use in your building or for using as a base to create new textures.
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200 Wood Textures

200 Wood Texture

Textures, always handy to have on standby for texturing Ages and models or for using as a base to create new textures, building up a library of them always pays off in the end.

Fortunately BlueBlots recently posted a great article featuring a collection of 200 wood/bark texture resources, which can help you out.
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