Age Concepts: Maho

Admittedly I’ve been a bit too ambitious when it comes to my Age projects. I had dreams of making my own expansion pack for Uru and so the projects I grouped together for the Beneath storyline ended up at around 9 Ages.

Thus far I have completed 4 of those Ages and the others are in various states of development. Central to this storyline was an Age called Maho which was Written by a character who goes by the name of ‘Lore’.

Below are a couple of concept images for the Age that showcase the “Lore Stones” that litter the desert.

The idea behind the stones is to lead the players along the story. Each stone leads to a new world which allows the player to learn more about the events that transpired before gaining access to the next stone in the journey.

Uru Concept Maho Age

Uru Concept Maho Age

Uru Concept Maho Age

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  1. cskid13 Says:

    Amazing. I’ve wanted to do an expansion pack also, but I don’t have the skill yet. I haven’t really even started one age, and you’ve finished four! Do you think it will ever be finished?

  2. Tweek Says:

    It will eventually. I’m not rushing it and I’m a bit of a perfectionist so it tends to take me a while to get stuff out.

  3. Doobes Says:

    Nothing wrong with that! Looks great, Tweek. 😀

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