Uru Concepts: Instancing

Instancing is reduced to two forms, public and private.

The Cleft (including descent), D’ni Ae’gura (Roof tops, Baron’s office, Kadish Gallery, Watchers Sanctuary, Guild Pubs and The Great Zero) and D’ni City Proper (Ashem’en, Kirel, Neighbourhoods) locations would all be public instances.

Books found in these area’s would also be public instances. However, books that can be picked up and added to Relto would be marked with a stamp perhaps like the one found on the book below;

Linking Book

This stamp indicates that when the book is used it is added to Relto (or D’ni home if implemented), thus allowing for a private instance of that Age accessed via the Relto shelf.


Books would no longer have the share book icon, as they wouldn’t be shared (being public). Sharing private instances would be done through the old mechanism of KI invites and through the Relto bookshelf.

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