Uru Concepts: Jalak Dador

Nexus Book: Needs to be added somewhere, perhaps in an alcove of sorts on one of the viewers stands.

Arena: The arena needs to have walkways leading from the playing field to the viewer stands, to literally make life easier for viewers instead of having to line up blocks to jump over to them.

Jalak Dador

Stadium: Stadium needs to have one of the following two;

Stairwell leading up to the top of the viewers stand to allow for watching of games.

Pros: Decent view of the arena.
Cons: Not easy to see opposite side if pillars are up, and it will also show off the shortcuts taken by Cyan to make the landscape look larger than it is.

Steps built into the actual viewer stands so it allows for people to sit row upon row much like the Laki’ahn arena.


Pros: Easy seating, can seat a lot of people, does not highlight the shortcuts made by Cyan to make the Age look larger than it is.
Cons: Not easy to see opposite side and top if the pillars are up.

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