Uru Concepts: Login GUI

So big changes to the Login GUI, basically the entire thing has been made darker, sleeker and minimal, without overloading with new extra features. This will basically allow for old players to get to their characters quickly and for new players to get through the GUI with relative ease.

Logging In

Uru Login GUI

Usual log in name and password, an indication of what shard you were last on (or currently on). At the bottom (not pictured) would be a check box to remember your log in details.

Buttons provided are the login button and a change shard button, which would lead the user to the following;

Shard Options

Uru Login GUI

A new overlay would appear listing the various shards, layout provides scroll bar for rapid scrolling through large lists.

On the right hand side there are two items, ToS and a Window icon.

ToS: Basically it brings up the Terms of Service for that specific shard.

Window Icon: If the shard has its own website, clicking this icon would open the shards website in your internet browser of choice.

If a shard does not have a website then the icon would be faded out to indicate as such.

Avatar Screen

Big changes here, basically full avatar view which changes depending on which avatar you have selected.

Uru Login GUI

Create and Delete buttons for creating and deleting a new or old avatar.

Each has their respective overlay menus;

Creating An Avatar

Uru Login GUI

A overlay menu allows for the entering of the new avatars name along with with male and female options. This area can be expanded to incorporate the importing of player progress if implemented.

Clicking the proceed to customization would then take you to the regular avatar customization screen.

Deleting An Avatar

Uru Login GUI

Overlay menu once again, which asks you to type “delete” into the box provided in order to actually delete the character (to make sure you really want to do it and not delete by accident). The delete button is inactive until “delete” is typed into the box. After which it can be clicked and the avatar can be deleted.

Uru Login GUI

That’s pretty much it.

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  1. gabriml Says:

    It would be nice to see the current KI date and time for the shard you select.

  2. maurus Says:

    Really impressive stuff. Just to clarify: are these actual changes you intend to make to the Gehn Shard client, or just general concepts?

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